Llama beans for your garden

With spring weather finally here you may be starting your garden. Llama beans are high in nitrogen and therefore a great fertilizer for gardens. Sparta Mountain Farm has been using it for years to improve the quality of our vegetables. You can pick some up at the farm by bringing a heavy duty garbage bag (approx. 30 gal) and filling it with your choice of beans. The llama beans are $20 per bag.


If you want to raise chicks or ducklings with your children or students but do not know what to do with it once it grows, Sparta Mountain Farm’s Rent-A-Chick program is perfect for you.

With our program now in its 7th year, you can raise two chicks or two ducklings and return them two weeks later. This is a great educational experience to introduce children to caring for a live animal without a long-term commitment!

Teachers, this is the perfect seasonal science project for your classroom!

If interested please complete and return this form.Rent a ChicksRent a Duckling

Llama Hikes

PrancerIf you enjoy hiking you will enjoy hiking with a llama even more. The llamas at Sparta Mountain Farm are looking forward to accompanying you on a hike along their trails. Hikes generally last an hour and each participant has a chance to hold a llamas lead. Group prices are available. Please contact us to schedule a llama hike.

An Educational Farm for Children and Adults


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