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Sparta Mountain Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm incorporating a love for animals, nature, and education into our vision.

We sell farm-fresh eggs from hand-fed, free range hens; homemade all-natural specialty jam, jelly, salsa, and fruit butter; alpaca fiber clothing, yarn, and raw fiber; firewood; and fertilizer.

Every spring we hold a Rent-A-Chick program which has gained attention by local media.

You can contact us by telephone or email, or find us at one of the local farmers markets that we participate in. You may also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Rent a Chick Program

We are currently accepting orders for the 2018 Rent-A-Chick program. Complete the Rent-a-Chick registration form and mail it with a check, or email with credit card information, to reserve your baby birds. (Must reserve by March 23)

With our program now in its 10th year, anyone can enjoy chicks and ducklings and return them two weeks later.

This seasonal activity is an effective and fun way to teach children how to care for a live animal without a long-term commitment! Teachers, this is the perfect seasonal science project for your classroom!

For a $50 rental fee you will receive:

  • 2 newly hatched chicks (we also have ducklings available for a $65 rental fee);
  • 1 container with bedding and lid to keep them in;
  • Two weeks worth of feed;
  • A keepsake certificate with your child’s name on it;
  • Workshop instructions on the care of a live chick.

Pick up date: Good Friday, March 30, 2018  (adjustable for educators)

After two weeks, return the chicks in their original container. The chicks will be placed with their friends to grow into happy, healthy hens on our farm.

This program has been featured in the Daily Record

See the  Rent-A-Chick program page for more details.

Sparta Mountain Farm featured in the Daily Record

The Daily Record wrote an article about Sparta Mountain Farm’s Rent-A-Chick program which appeared on the front page of the Saturday, April 4, 2015 issue.

Lillian Bunkers of Sparta gets a peek at a couple ducklings during the 7th annual ‘Rent-A-Chick’ program. April 3, 2015. Jefferson, N.J. Bob Karp/Daily Record Photographer.

Daily Record article: Jefferson farm runs a Rent-A-Chick program for Easter

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